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The OratectTM Oral Fluids Drug Screen Test is a one-step chromatographic immunoassay device for the qualitative simultaneous detection of amphetamine, morphine, phencyclidine, THC, methamphetamine and cocaine in oral fluids.

OratectTM was developed to provide the following advantages over urine based drug screens:

  • Less chance of adulteration of the sample.
  • Direct observation.
  • Neutral gender observation.
  • Bathroom facility not required.
  • One single device for sample collection, testing and confirmation shipping.
  • Tester does not need to touch the oral fluid sample. All manipulation performed by the testing subject.
  • Can be performed anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

Use of OratectTM is very simple. One places the device on top of the tongue and then beneath the tongue. The thermometer-like device will provide results in about 10 minutes.

Each OratectTM is pouched individually and has an 12 month shelf life.

Brief Instructions for use

Pricing: Online Pricing is Introductory prices for new customers. Call for volume prices 888-464-4787

Less than 200  $16.00 200-500   $15.00 >500  Call for Pricing
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