Issues Management

Our Issues Management module delivers transparency and accountability by tying specific risk compliance or operational risk issues to the related regulation. Having issues tied to regulations gives organizations the opportunity to determine what resources are needed and provides the granular details needed during a regulatory audit.

  • Centralized tracking where all issues and complaints can be recorded, monitored, and managed so nothing is overlooked.
  • Increased accountability so there is a clear audit trail of who handled each issue and how it was resolved.
  • Prioritization so critical issues can be ranked by severity, impact, or other criteria.
  • Knowledge base of resolved issues so teams can refer to previously addressed problems and their solutions.
  • Increased brand trust and loyalty because customer complaints and issues are resolved more quickly.

Streamline your operations to improve internal workflows, comply with regulatory obligations, and increase customer satisfaction. Issues Management can be stand alone or integrated with the Compliance Core RCM platform

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