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Case Study

Optimizing Incentive Compensation Plans and Processes


national financial institution 

The Challenge 

Given the variety of activities engaged in by our Client, and the number and range of employees who are in a position to assume significant risk, our Client needed to review their incentive compensation program and processes against interagency regulatory guidance.

The objective of this project was to assess the Client’s incentive compensation practices to ensure risk-appropriate incentive compensation program that accords with the Heightened Standards and Interagecny Guidance on Sound Incentive Compensation Practices.

What We Did 

  • Conducted a comprehensive gap analysis of the client’s incentive compensation plans against regulatory expectations focusing on methods used to link compensation and risk, identification of key employees, and governance. 
  • Refined and improved policies and procedures for risk management processes and controls that reinforce balance between risks and results. 
  • Developed recommendations to guide the organization in fine-tuning their compensation arrangement practices consistent with regulatory expectations. 


  • Significantly reduced regulatory compliance and legal risks by improving documentation of the processes and controls associated with the design of our client’s compensation arrangements. 
  • Improved the maturity and sustainability of the client’s compensation practices. 
  • Saved the client regulatory enforcement actions. 

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