RegulateIQ, our Regulatory Change Management solution takes RegStream  to the next level by supercharging risk detection, mitigation, and management. We partner with you to ensure your organization is prepared to address potential legal and regulatory compliance issues before they arise.

Using our secure platform, your organization will have a clear workflow process that empowers your team to take the necessary action for continuous compliance and operational excellence. In addition to tracking regulations, RegulateIQ covers processes related to managing regulatory and contractual requirements; tracking regulatory changes and managing implementation of these changes; and monitoring issues.

Risk management and compliance require due diligence by all members of an organization. With RegulateIQ, each member of an organization has clearly defined roles and responsibilities and receives relevant changes directly. An administrative dashboard provides a broad overview of where the organization stands in terms of projects in process and projects completed.

The Compliance Core RCM platform offers:

Streamline your operations to improve internal workflows, comply with regulatory obligations, and increase customer satisfaction. Issues Management can be stand alone or integrated with the Compliance Core RCM platform.

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