Improving Data Integration for Increased Operational Efficiency

A leading regional financial institution lacked a sustainable and validated system of record for customer information, which resulted in increased regulatory scrutiny and operational risk across the institution for areas that utilized the data, such as client profitability, management reporting, and  regulatory reporting.


We implemented a technology solution for customer and product data that demonstrated high-data quality and enabled consistent and seamless integration to multiple data sources for a comprehensive data view and efficient mapping to regulatory requirements.

  • Planned, managed, and executed multi-disciplinary processes analyses to identify key transactional processes and all customer and product data stores.
  • Developed and institutionalized new processes to help discover and resolve data quality issues.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a new system representing a voluminous amount of customer and product records to enable efficient mapping and analysis of regulatory requirements.
  • Updated existing front-end systems to align with the new data standards and created new dashboards and reports accordingly.
  • Developed policies and procedures; trained the trainers on the new data standards and processes; and socialized the project’s goals and benefits to facilitate buy-in within the end-user community. 
  • Saved the client money by reducing by 70% the administrative time spent on document production during internal or regulatory reviews.
  • The new bird’s eye view provided management the ability to discover and expose previously unknown relationships useful in making key strategic decisions and driving growth and profitability.
  • Reconciled organizational and structural differences between various product, customer, and organization entity definitions, enabling complete, accurate, and reliable reports compliant with regulatory requirements.


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